I could see,

in the depths of his eyes,

my own beauty reflected. Color Me Yellow


American Horror Story re-energized me; it re-energized my career . There’s no shame in recognizing that. It’s exposed me to a whole new generation, which is a little strange. I’m not used to young people thinking I’m cool.

I fucking love Jessica Lange so much.


Tattooed Lady photographed for National Geographic, 1931 (via)


It’s been 6 generations and this guy is still tripping balls over science and technology. 


Marilyn Monroe by Paul Lovering


Marilyn Monroe by Paul Lovering


Jazz Art, by Hannah Mackey

i like the girls who say theyre self conscious but they post millions of pictures of themselves .. bitch how are you self conscious ?! i never post pics of myself.. well i do but .. its rare and i have to take 500 and find an alright one.

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America has to end the obsession with overcompensating CEOs while grinding the working classes into submission.

Worker productivity has increased while wages have stagnated. Its time for workers to get paid for those efficiencies, not just the CEOs.

Fun fact?  A group of economists actually ran the numbers, and in order for McDonald’s to pay their employees 15 dollars an hour, they would have to raise the price of some of the their sandwiches by….

A nickel.  

This is cool. Maybe we should just hope CEOs decide to be nice.